Foot Soldier For Equal Justice

The civil rights documentary, Donald L. Hollowell: Foot Soldier For Equal Justice, is a wonderfully complex project spearheaded by Dr. Maurice Daniels and Dr. Derrick P. Alridge. Serving as Executive Producers on this project, Dr. Daniels and Dr. Alridge have become authorities on the subject of Donald L. Hollowell's monumental career and the civil rights movement, through their previous documentaries and their ongoing work with The Foot Soldier Project.


Donald L. Hollowell: Foot Soldier for Equal Justice

Executive Producers: Maurice C. Daniels, Derrick P. Alridge
Co-Executive Producers: Cheryl D. Dozier, Valerie D. White
Producers: Janice Reaves Jackson, Laurie Reyman, Michelle Estile
Associate Producer: Carrin E. Daniels
Script Writer: Terry Singleton
Script Editor: Charles Duncan
Production Manager: Bobby Mitchell
Original Music: William Weems
Editor: Stephen Bridges

The Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies, a partnership with the Russell Library for Political Research and Studies at the University of Georgia, is dedicated to chronicling Georgia’s rich history in the Civil Rights movement.

Donald L. Hollowell: Foot Soldier for Equal Justice chronicles the achievements of the legendary civil rights attorney, Donald L. Hollowell. Narrated by Peabody Award-winning journalist Charlayne Hunter-
Gault, this documentary traces Hollowell’s groundbreaking work as Georgia’s chief civil rights attorney during the 1950s and 1960s. Highlights of the film include his service as lead counsel in the landmark case that led to the desegregation of the University of Georgia, his legal victory that won the release of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., from the Reidsville State Prison, and the historic case of Preston Cobb, a 15-year-old black youth who was sentenced to die in Georgia’s electric chair.

Some of the interviewees telling the story of Hollowell’s transformative legal work include Julian Bond, Federal Judge William A. Bootle, Federal Judge Constance Baker Motley, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Congressman John Lewis, Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery, Federal Judge Horace T. Ward, and Ambassador
Andrew Young. The documentary includes rare footage from Hollowell and his wife Louise T. Hollowell, and extensive archival footage.

This documentary is the fourth installment developed by the Foot Soldier Project for Civil Rights Studies. Other films include: Horace T. Ward: Foot Soldier for Equal Justice, Parts I and II, and Hamilton Earl Holmes: The Legacy Continues.

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